Calm Skin Care

Package design and branding

Calm is a beauty brand that produces a range of natural skin care products. They wanted a classic but white and fresh design for their newest line C. The products are paraben-free and contains no artificial colors or preservatives. Calm wanted the C line to smell great and look classy and expensive but still trendy. The aim is to attract the modern, stylish and aware woman. The products are available in three different skin types, normal, sensitive and oily. For the customers to be able to tell them apart easily, we came up with an idea that would make them differ in a subtle but still very visible way. The use of a sash would illustrate the brands aim to be number one in the industry of natural skin care. The sash is also perceived to be ceremonial and classic, and are traditionally used in beauty pageants. By using the sash only on some of the products, as well as using bright and light colors, we created an over-all fresh and white look with an edge. Yellow is for normal skin, its happy, fresh and a bit edgy. Pink is for sensitive skin, its healthy, glamorous and calming whereas the oily, often acne prone skin, needs a soothing, calming red-covering turquoise.

Self Initiated, 2012